Here at Minton's Automotive we provide a vast  array of services ranging from minor to major repairs and engine and engine
and transmission replacement. below is a list of generalized services offered at Minton's Automotive. We feel every job is
important and we will peform services to our full. So come by and give us a try.



Horn, Door Locks, actuators, switches, power seat
and controles, windows power and manual, cruise
control and modules, speedometer and drive.
Anything that is supposed to work, we can make it
Engine oil and filter changes, chassie lubrisation
and greasing. Inspection of all fluids and filters.
Factory specified service intervals and procedures,



Major and minor electrical, repairs and service
exterior and interior lighting , hazards and flashers,
battery and charging system service, starter system
service, ignition switch, fuse box and wiring issues
and concerns
Major and minor repair, radiator flushing and cleaning
thermostats and gaskets, water pumps. freeze plugs, 
cooling fans and senors, heater system repair heater
core replacement, ect.

      HEATING &


heating or cooling properly, we can take care of the problem.Air conditioning system service, AC component
replacement, AC system retrofit, auto climate
control system diagnosis and repair, heater
system component replacement, if it's not
Major and minor engine tune up, PVC system
repair and cleaning, ignition system repair, fuel
system repair, fuel injection cleaning service, check engine light repair, ect.



Front and rear brake systems, disc and drum brakes, rotor resurfacing, master cylinder, brake
system flushing and cleaning. All basic brake
system diagnosis and repair. ABS brake system
Steering column and tilt systems, steering gear,
rack and pinion, power steering system, steering linkage, 2 and 4 wheel alignments.



Oil pressure problems and checking, timing belts,
engine mounts, cylinder head repair and gasket
replacement, engine assembly replacement  and
repair, camshaft replacement and repair, major
and minor engine repairs, ect
Universal joints, driveshaft, axel shafts and
wheel bearings, rear differential bearing repair
and service, differential overhaul, manual
transmission and transfer case diagnosis and
repair, ect.



Exhaust manifold and gasket replacement,
minor exhaust component replacement.
Automatic transmission service, linkage
adjustment and repair, transmission flushing,
flywheel replacement, transmission assembly
replacement and minor repairs, ect.